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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lookout Throwing Co?

LTC is Montana's original indoor urban axe throwing facility. LTC is a fun and exciting environment for social gatherings to connect friends or meet new people while learning the art of axe throwing. 

Who can participate?

We are an INCLUSIVE company and welcome everyone who wants to learn to throw axes! As far as age goes, we are open to having all ages in the warehouse so long as the PARENT/GUARDIAN believes that the thrower is fully capable of participating. We have had throwers as young as 5 and as old as 92. Children do require extra attention and we ask that they are supervised at all times. Fun for all!

What should I wear?

Something comfortable! We require all throwers to wear CLOSED-TOED shoes (strictly enforced, you don't want to lose a toe, do you?) Flannel is highly encouraged!

Can I bring my own axe or tomahawk?

We do not allow throwers to bring their own equipment. We have many styles of axes, surely we can find one that works best for you! If you are apart of our 8 week league, then you may bring your own axe to league night.

Do I tip my axe coach?

While we do not require you to tip your axe coach, gratuities are always welcome! 

Is it safe?

YES. Safety is our number one priority at our facility. Even though our coaches and staff are well educated and trained about the safety measures, it is a team effort with all our throwers. We ask that all throwers:

  • Leave small children at home. We cannot allow children in our facility where sharp axes are very accessible.

  • Are sober! Throwing axes while intoxicated will not be tolerated and we will not hesitate to ask you to leave.

  • Listen to your coaches and staff! Failure to follow safety instructions will result in us asking you to leave. 

How do I book a party or event?

CONTACT US! We are always up for a good party! We require a minimum of 36 throwers for a full venue buyout that ensures all 8 throwing lanes are reserved for your party. Our mobile unit can be rented out at a 3 hour minimum for an on-site event. Head on over to the contact us page with:

  • The desired date for your event

  • How many people will be in your party

  • The type of event (birthday, gender reveal, wedding reception etc.)

  • An email or phone number to contact you.

My friend and I want to come throw axes for an hour, should we make a reservation?

We highly recommend reserving a bay online to be guaranteed a spot to throw. A walk-in doesn't require a reservation but beware! We may not have any available lanes, especially Friday and Saturday nights. If you walk-in and we have no available lanes, we will put you on a wait list for the next available lane. If you are a walk-in, there is a possibility that you will be throwing with up to 6 more people at your lane! If you do not want to be with any other throwers, a reservation would be a better option!

How do I pay?

At LTC, we accept cash and/or credit. We require a $20 deposit for all reservations. Example: A group of 4 people that have booked a lane for 1 hour will be subject to $20 to keep their reservation. The balance can be paid off when you arrive. We require all mobile events to be paid in full 2 days prior to your event. 

Do you have food and drinks for sale?

We have a small selection of non-alcoholic soft drinks available for purchase.

Do you allow spectators?

Spectators are welcome but will be charged $7.50 per hour. Spectators will be given a colored wristband that indicates they will not be throwing axes. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you book a reservation and need to cancel, your deposit will be refunded in full IF AND ONLY IF you cancel 3 days (minimum) in advance. If there is another date that works better for you, you may transfer your deposit to another day (has to be after your current party date, may only transfer deposits once). A transfer must be done 3 days before your event date. If you transfer within three days of your event, a new deposit will be required. After a transfer has been complete, your deposit will no longer be refundable.

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PHONE: 406-493-0448

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