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Help us raise funds for the City of Missoula Police Department and Fire Department to purchase a 24/7/365 custom and tailored wellness apps. Monetary donations will be directly supporting the metal and physical health of Missoula's first responders so they can better serve our city.


Cordico Wellness offers services such as:

-Suicide Prevention

-Local Therapist Finder

-PTSD Support

-Substance Abuse Support

-Grief and Trauma Support 


(for a complete list of services, visit


911 At Ease International supports first responders AND their families. 911 AEI provides its free and confidential services to children and other family members who often feel the stress of the profession at home. We work with family members individually and as a whole as they attempt to navigate life with the added pressure of being a family member of a first responder.

Cordico/911AEI Donation

  • 24-Hour Throw-a-Thon

    Every monetary donation will be honored in a converted "point system." Missoula's policemen and firemen will be in the shop ALL DAY on Sunday, June 5th, saying thanks and honoring your donation by throwing until their total point quota has been matched. This is a great opportunity to come down to the shop, meet some of Missoula's first responders, bring kiddos to get photos, and to simply show your support for all that they do for the City of Missoula. 

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